Arcturus: Shipwrecked in Oslo 2006

Shipwrecked In Oslo is the first DVD release by Arcturus. It was released in August 21, 2006 by Season Of Mist. The DVD includes a set of 15 songs all from their performance filmed at Rockefeller Music Hall during the Sonic Solstice Festival in Oslo, on September 24, 2005. Extra material such as photo slideshow and some rehearsal footage is also included. Track list: 1. Introduction 2. Ad Absurdum 3. Nightmare Heaven 4. Shipwrecked Frontier Pioneer 5. Alone 6. Deception Genesis 7. Chaos Path 8. Tore Guitar Solo 9. Deamon Painter 10. Nocturnal Vision Revisited 11. Painting My Horror 12. Steinar Keyboard Solo 13. Hufsa 14. Master of Disguise 15. Knut Guitar Solo 16. White Noise Monster 17. Reflections 18. Raudt Og Svart

Shipwrecked 1911

Annie Jackson, living with her uncle, Horace Gregory, an old fisherman on Val Dez Island, is injured by an automobile. John Kingdon, who happens by, takes her in his machine to the hospital. There he learns to love her, but his advances are not wanted by her uncle, for his choice for his niece's hand is John Runyon. So when Annie returns to her home, and is told to marry Runyon, she refuses. In the meantime, Kingdon leaves for Honolulu. The vessel is wrecked. Kingdon, cast into the sea, clings half exhausted to a spar. By a trick of Fate, the wreck occurs on the rocks of Val Dez Island, and Annie sees the spar, rows out and succeeds in dragging it to shore, where Kingdon is recognized. The young people declare their love for each other, but Runyon plans to get Kingdon out of his way. The "best laid plans of mice and men gang aft aglee," and so Kingdon escapes the trap laid for him, and taking Annie with him to the mainland, they get married.

Shipwrecked 2005

A castaway's efforts to make contact with would-be rescuers finally leads to his discovery, but his savior has plans of his own in Dutch director Frodo Kuipers' desert island saga.

Shipwrecked Among Cannibals 1920

After opening scenes showing volcanoes of Java, an underground river, waterfalls, cloud effects, a coral island, the Ghost Rocks of Buru, and a tiger hunt in Siam, documentary footage of the cannibal tribes of New Guinea is framed by a fictional narrative in which the scientific expedition is shipwrecked along the southern New Guinea coast in the land of the Kia Kia headhunters, thus affording the crew the opportunity to film the tribal customs of these cannibals.

Under A Shipwrecked Moon 2003

The power of a long-buried family secret becomes unleashed when the extreme rituals of a young punk rocker catapults his consciousness into the spirit realm in search of his Finnish father, a ship captain who drowned in the Bering Sea. His father's mother was a Sami sorceress whose shamanic powers were passed on to her grandson, powers tested as he enters the mythic dreams of his Finnish grandfather. A surrealistic fable of true love, giant hedgehogs, and the mystical depths of ancestral bonds.

The Shipwrecker 1984

Three actors portray scenes from the life of Sterling Hayden, with a particular focus on his appearance before the House Un-American Activities Committee. Inspired by Hayden’s memoir “Wanderer.”

Shipwrecked 1990

A young Norwegian boy in 1850s England goes to work as a cabin boy and discovers some of his shipmates are actually pirates.

Shipwrecked Children 1992

Eight children of a wrecker live together on a strange island, in a supernatural happiness. Until their little paradise is disturbed when an old lady is discovered murdered there. They then embark on the investigation in search of the truth.

Shipwrecks 1946

The first film created using the “Cousteau-Gagnan” – an autonomous diving suit – enabling the first underwater sequences in the Mediterranean at nearly 62m depth.

Wrecked on Road 17 2002

During the Gulf War, the paths of several groups of characters cross in France’s most desert-like region. The cast is as follows: An astrophysician who works alone with Geraldine in an observatory high in the mountains. He’d like to seduce Geraldine, but she seems to prefer the shepherd who’s been relegated to a shabby hut nearby. A group of filmmakers stuck in the middle of the countryside after their crew went on strike because lunch never turned up. A squadron of stupid soldiers who consider even the most minor incident to be proof of Saddam Hussein’s invasion of France. A maniacal geologist, oblivious of everything, who continues to search for the traces of a tectonic Big Bang in the most inaccessible places.

In Night and Ice 1912

The first movie based on the ill-fated journey of the Titanic ever produced. Released only a four weeks after the sinking of the original vessel.

Maison Ikkoku: Shipwrecked on Ikkoku Island 1991

Yotsuya and Ichinose reminisce about a time when Shun Mitaka, Yotsuya's suitor, took the tenants of Ikkoku-kan on a pleasure cruise aboard his new boat. After the boat breaks up, everyone is left shipwrecked on a desert island, where they must try to make the best of the situation. This animated short is an adaptation of a story from MAISON IKKOKU, a manga series written and illustrated by Rumiko Takahashi.

Legendary Shipwrecks 2018

Whatever the circumstances, the place where they happen or the toll, all shipwrecks are tragic. However, some, for many reasons, go down in history and become veritable legends. In April 1912, while on its maiden voyage, the RMS Titanic hits an iceberg. Two hours and forty minutes later, the biggest and most luxurious liner of its age sinks.

Great Shipwrecks of Truk Lagoon 1991

Over sixty Japanese warships were sunk in Chuuk lagoon in a surprise raid by US carrier-based aircraft on 17 February, 1944. Now scattered across the lagoon bottom, the Fujikawa Maru, Shinkoku Maru, Aikoku, Betty Bomber, and others have become undersea islands of life. Home to beautiful creatures and corals, they remain littered with recognizable cargo and weapons.

Ghosts at Sea: Paranormal Shipwrecks and Curses 2014

Pirates and Sailors have fought many battles at sea but many who lost didn't go quietly into the murky depths. This killer collection of Ghostly Sea Hauntings will curl your toes and shiver your timbers with real ghost tales from the depths of the Paranormal.

Shipwrecked 2000

Shipwrecked is a British reality television programme airing on Channel 4's youth programming brand, T4. The original version ran for three series from 9 January 2000 to 19 December 2001 and was constructed as a social experiment, without a competitive format or a prize. The programme returned for four series from 8 January 2006 to 10 May 2009 in a new format, as Shipwrecked: Battle of the Islands. It featured two teams competing with each other for new members, with the largest team winning a cash prize at the end. The show returned on 23 October 2011 on E4 as Shipwrecked: The Island. In 2013, a Russian version of the show will air on NTV.

Shipwrecked: Battle of the Islands 2009

Shipwrecked: Battle of the Islands 2009 is a United Kingdom reality television series, part of the Shipwrecked strand which has aired on Channel 4's youth programming label T4 in different formats since 2000. The 2009 series is the seventh series of Shipwrecked overall, and the fourth and final to adopt the "Battle of the Islands" format. The Series was recommissioned by Channel 4 on Thursday 26 June 2008. Castaway auditions took place during the summer and filming for the series commenced in September 2008 and finished in early November 2008. It began airing on Sunday 1 February 2009 at 12:30pm on Channel 4. This is the final series of Shipwrecked: Battle of the Islands, and the penultimate series overall.

Shipwrecked: Battle of the Islands 2008

Shipwrecked: Battle Of The Islands 2008 is a United Kingdom reality television series which aired in 2008 on Channel 4s youth programming label T4. The 2008 series is the sixth series of Shipwrecked, and the third series to use the "Battle Of The Islands" format. This series used a different process to determine the winning team. A third secret island known as Hawk Island was revealed to the other two islands in the final week when they returned to evaluate and vote for the team they felt had done a better job of welcoming them back. All the residents of Hawk had been exiled from either the Sharks or the Tigers when they lost out to the other person in their new arrival pair.

Shipwrecked: Battle of the Islands 2007

Shipwrecked: Battle of the Islands is a UK reality television series on Channel 4. The fifth series of Shipwrecked was aired in 2007 and used the "Battle of the Islands" format, which was first seen in the previous year.

Shipwrecked: Battle of the Islands 2006

Shipwrecked: Battle of the Islands 2006 is a British reality series that premiered on Channel 4 in 2006. It is the fourth series of the RDF Media programme, Shipwrecked, and featured a radically different format from the first three series, in that contestants were divided into tribes, with competitions, voting and a cash prize at stake.

Tamra Island 2009

Set in the 17th Century, Jang Beo-jin is a young female diver on Tamra Island. She doesn't particularly enjoy her situation and dreams of one day leaving the island. One day, to her shock, she discovers a young blond haired man laying on the beach. The young man's name is William and he is a shipwrecked British citizen. Another young man named Park Kyu enters the island under the disguise of one of the many convicts sent to Tamra Island. In actuality, Park Kyu is a budding government official known as a Seonbi. These three young people then become involved in a hilarious love triangle.

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